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  • For Businesses.

    Businesses wishing to protect themselves from information leaks, reputational damage, legal problems, regulatory violations, and other problems that employee usage of social media usage can create, but need to get this protection without actively monitoring employee accounts or asking employees.

  • For Parents.

    SecureMySocial is the perfect tool for parents wishing to ensure that their children are safe when using social media, as it protects kids of all ages without requiring parents to actively monitor their children, and without making their children feel like "Big Brother" is watching. Parents like the convenience and security, and kids like the privacy and security.

  • For Individuals.

    SecureMySocial helps people protect themselves from the personal and professional damage that can occur from problematic social media posts (made by themselves or by others referencing them) by providing real-time warnings as problematic material is posted so as to ensure immediate removal.